Peak Design Camera & Binocular clips and Camera straps

Peak Design’s mission is to enable photographers, adventurers and outdoors enthusiasts to better capture the beautiful world around them. We do this by designing and building innovative, thoughtfully composed, ultra-durable products that are easy to use and versatile. Right now we are helping people better transport and physically manage their cameras, but as time goes on we will tackle other pain points that photographers and outdoorsy people face. We believe that wherever you go and whatever physical activity you do, your camera should be right there with you.


Cameras Feb '13 - Rev 20

Outex protective camera covers

Outex is a weather and waterproof housing system for SLR cameras. It hermetically seals the camera from the elements so it can be used in all environmental conditions such as mud, dirt, sand, dust, wind, and even under water. Outex works like a dry suit for an SLR camera. Its latex-based housing is lightweight, compact, malleable and rugged, maintaining complete operational control over the camera’s functions, and ensuring professional grade results.

The Outex system consists of 3 parts; Housings, Optics, and Accessories. Housings are moulded to contour all major camera brands and accommodate different body sizes. The Optics anchor the housings to the camera’s filter thread and viewing windows. And accessories include a host of modular attachments that accommodates lighting (flash), tripods, wide-angle lenses, straps, triggers, tethers, etc.