Everyday Messenger Bag

Launched on Kickstarter on July 23 and reaching the funding target of $100k in little over an hour, the Everyday Messenger Bag has exceeded all expectations. Funding has currently gone through the $1,9 million mark and there are still 37 days to … Continue reading

Three new Products from Peak Design.

Peak Design are adding three new items to their range of innovative products: SLIDE, CLUTCH and ANCHOR LINKS. Ultra-versatile, comfortable and quick-adjusting, Slide is a reimagination of the pro camera strap, based on the feedback of thousands of photographers. The only quick connecting, … Continue reading

Afrika Burn, Dust Storms and Outex

Well known South African photographer Jacki Bruniquel was at the Afrika Burn  festival at the end of April documenting the event with her camera. Jacki captured some powerful images using Outex which pull the viewer so far into the atmosphere of the festival you can almost smell the … Continue reading